Nadra Biometric Verification System for SIM

Nadra biometric verification system for new sim has been introduced now in Pakistan. According to this system, each and every sim buyer has to give his finger and palm impressions and they will kept as record by the National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra). This system will be provided on every sim outlet. According to the previous method, sim buyers have to submit the copy of their NIC.

Nadra Biometric System SIM

Now, the procedure has been totally and completely changed on the basis of submission of NIC record, thorough record cannot be kept and this results in various troublesome situations. This arrival of computerized system will keep a proper record and only a single person will be permitted to have a single sim.

From the sources, we came to know that Nadra, PTA and the telecom companies are yet to finalize some further technical details with regard to this biometric verification system for new sim. So far, this verification system can be an efficient and effective tool to identify the terrorists.

This system will sooner or later be implemented. National Database and Registration Authority (Nadra) is of this notion and belief that all the previous systems come out to be ineffective and they fail to come up with desired results and outcomes. Government, Nadra and PTA are making efforts to immediately and instantly implement this Biometric Verification System. Huge budget has been allocated for this project.

As we all know that this terrorism has drastically changed the image of our country Pakistan. It is the need of the hour that considerable amount of efforts and attempts needs to be done that can decrease the level of this trauma in our country.

We will keep you posted regarding each and every update about the Nadra biometric verification system for new sim. Keep on visiting this web page!

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