Shab e Barat History in Urdu and English

Shab e Barat History is briefly discussed here and Shab e Barat History in Urdu and English Language is available here and starts from below writing. Shab e Barat is a Night when all blessings of Allah comes on earth and all ways of forgiveness are open in this night. The eight month of Islamic Calendar is known as Shabaan.  Shaban comes among Rajab and Ramadan  and according to hadith these three months are having a significant value in Islam. Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) nominated this month Shaban with himself and Ramadan is month of Allah Almighty. Shaban words is taken fro root word “shab” mean “to Collect” or “gather”. Shaban is also considered as Preparatory month of Ramadan. when this month goes in Mid and 15th date comes up than intermediary night comes named as Shab e barat.

This night is known as Shab e barat beacuse every Muslim awake all th night and busy in Shab e Barat Prayers for whole night. On the other hand Allah says that whoever pray and use a Medium of Dua for that he will be surely granted with that thing in any case. This is also same night when all Person’s death and life period is decided in same night. The remaining life is also decided in same night. This is also same night when angles got new piece of paper of luck of every men and presents before God for approval. All Life’s Provision is also get decided in same Shab e barat. According to another prove, this is an same night when all acts are decided in that night. All matters were decided who gets how much Provision etc. Hazrat Makaeel gets supervisor upon Provision of every Creature in world, Hazrat Jibraeel gets supervisor upon Earth quakes,and things like such disasters.

Shab e Barat History in Urdu and English

Shab e Barat History in Urdu and English 1

Persons who drink bear, Raise high voice before their parents and who cut down from their relatives are not get benefit from this shabe e barat. According to hadith 23 Angles gave him good news about “Jannat” and other 23 Angles stop any kind of disasters upon him and 10 angles stop him so that he could not trap in evil. So shabe e barat is itself a big and most important night for Muslims so far. we Should make effort to do maximum prayers in Shab e barat. Every single sin will not remained after the whole night prayer. All year ahead will be depends up the prayers of Shab e barat. May Allah blessed us with HIS blessing in this shab e barat.

Shab e Barat History

Shab e Barat History in Urdu and English

May Allah Almighty give strengths to everyone so that we can Perform Shab e Barat prayers as per set standards. Share your views about this just here.

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  1. Today is Shab-barat maybe my name is written in the list of those people who will die this year and maybe shall never meet you again
    so i humbly request you to please forgive me and my mistakes, which i made special sowi for you

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