Juma Mubarak SMS

Juma or Jumma what ever you want to say is an best Islamic day celebrated with peace in every week. In almost all over the World Juma is celebrated with noble deeds in all day and specifically on this day. Every Individual having their own way to express their feelings about Juma. Jumma is celebrated normally by sending SMS and Messages to all friends and Family Members by using the Main source of Technology like Internet and Mobile Phones so far. Such Informative SMS and Messages are best source of delivering awareness about this big Islamic event like Jumma.

Individuals celebrate this even as the most sacred day with countless blessings & Mercies of Allah. May this Jumma Leighten of IslamJuma Mubarak SMS & Protect you from Calamity so have a Blessed Friday JUMA MUBARAK.Every Muslim first of all celebrate this day by cut nails,Remove Public and armit hair. Use Miswaak on this sacred Day of Jumma. Also all Muslims have Ghusul on this Day. These activities were done by all Muslims on this Juma Day. Every Day Azaan Comes from Mosques but this Juma Day Azaan was also getting many Muslims towards mosque successfully. Juma is also considered as day of forgiveness and the day for getting fear from Allah. Over all Juma is the day when Muslims realize that all Islamic Teachings are revised on this day.On one Friday Rasulullah (Allah Bless Him & Give Him Peace) said:

 O Muslims! Allah Ta’ala has made this day a day of Eid.

Juma Mubarak SMS

“ZAMZAM” Jesa Koi Pani Nahi.

“NAMAZ” Jesi Koi Ebadat Nahi.

“HAJJ” Jesi Koi Ziyarat Nahi.

“ISLAM” Jesa Koi Mazhab Nahi.

“QURAN” Jesi Koi Kitab Nahi.

“MADINE” Jesa Koi Sheher Nahi.

“KALME” Jesi Koi Dolat Nahi.

“DURUD PAK”Jesa Koi Khazana Nahi.


“JUMMA” Jesa Koi Din Nahi.


Juma Is A Wondrful






And “2Thank Allah”

4all He Gives To Us,,

“Juma Mubark”…


Jumma Mubarak – May Allah (SWT) bless you and your family by plentitude of blessings….Ameen!


Whenever you have a burden on you and if the road is uphill then dont despair…cause the view from the top is breathtaking and Allah is always with you.
…always follow your heart…Jumma Mubarak


May our deeds attract Allah’s love, Noor & Barakah so that our lives may be filled with peace, happiness & freedom from any calamity… Jummah Mubarak!


Bismillahirahman nirahim..Greetings of Peace n Salutations 2 our Beloved Nabi e Kareem Mustufa (SallAllah o Alehi Wassalam) Jumma Mubarak ..may Allah(Azzwajal) acept all our duaas n dis Auspicious day.lets remember each other in our sincerst duas.May u all hv an Inspiring Spirutal upliftin day


`°•.¸. .¸¸.•°`

¸.•°`Jûmmâ” – “” .¸¸.•°` 

`°•.¸. ”Mûbâ” “râk” .¸¸.•°`”.¸¸.•°`

*ALLAH Ap ko Hamesha Kush rakhai*




“*,, HO ,,*”


ÅLLÅH aap par iski Rehmaten or ßarkaten Naazil Farmaye…

( AM££N )


1.Jumma K Din Jahannum Ki Aag Nahi Jalai Jati.
2.Jumma Ki Raat Dozakh K Darwazay Nahi Khultay.
3.Jumma K Din Marnay Walay Khush Naseb Muslim Ko Shaheed Ka Rotba Diya Jata Hai.
4.Jumma K Din Agar Haj Ho To Uska Sawab 70 Haj K Barabar Hota Hai.
5.Jumma 1 Naiki Ka Sawab 70 Naikiyon K Barabar Hai.
6.Jumma K Din Huzor Pak(S.A.A.W) Khud Apnay Kano Say Dorod Pak Suntay Hain.

Subhan Allah
Jumma Mubarak


May The Light of Jumma,
Shine In Your House.

The Strength of Eemaan,
Stay in Your Heart.

And May Allah Shower
His Countless Blessings
On You and Your Family
on This Holy Day.

Jumma Mubarak.


Help me, I pray
To get through this day.
As this day is the master of all days
I don’t even ask
To have things my way,
Your will is okay.

Things done in your way
Are best suited to stay
In the Master Plan,
Help me to help
In any way that I can

Don’t let me be
Part of the problems I see,
I just want to come
And bow infront of you atleast this day
Help me to come every day



Dil Paak Nahi To Paak Ho Sakta Nahi Insaan.

Warna Iblees ko B Atay Thay Wuzoo k Faraiz Bohat.
Jumma Mubarik.


Today is Friday . . .
the day of acceptance of Dua!
I pray to ALLAH for u nd ur family a good health, long life, brilliant success, Barkat-e-Kaseer in ur Jan-o-Mal, Izzat, Eeman, Sehat,  Rizq, Elm and  Umr  and all joys of life which u have ever wished.
Jumma mubarak.


JUMMA Mubarak k roz 100 martaba darood pak parhane wale ki
100 hajten puri hote hen.
30 duniya ki
70 akhirat ki
Happy Jumma Mubarak.


ALLAH Rab-ul-Izzat Kitna Kareem or Meherban hai.
Hamari Ibadat or Taqwa Hamare Chehre Se Zahir Karta Hai.
Hamare Gunah Doosron Se Chupata Hai.
Jumma Mubarak

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