Pakistani Actress, Director & Producer Reema Khan Wedding Pictures

Breaking news of these days in the Lollywood film industry is the wedding of the actress, director and producer Reema Khan. Before discussing her marriage, we should throw light on the biography of the Reema khan. Reema khan is the Pakistani actress, director and producer of the lolly wood film and by screen she is also known as Reema. She worked in almost more then 250 movies.

If we talk about her early life then was born in Lahore in 27th October 1971 and her first film was Bulandi and this movie was directed by the javed Fazli. She started her dynamic career in 1990 and her famous and hit movies are Ishq, Pyar hi Pyar, Aag, Dil, Shama and Sahiba. Moreover, she also worked in other hit and block buster movies such as Hina, Neelam, Chandni, Hathi meray Sathi, Rabi beti Raaj karay Gi. Moreover, she is also considered to be the first actresses inPakistanwho get signed by the Pepsi Company and she also become the important and official partner of the Zoo located inLahore. She also directed two movies such as koi Tujh Sa Kahan and Love Main Ghum. Every person knows that Reema Khan is popular and famous because of her dedication as well as hard work.

These days sensational news comes from the Reema khan side is that she is getting married on 18th November 2011 with an American surgeon known as Doctor Shahab. He is an American surgeon inUnited States of America and very successful surgeon. Moreover, she also told in her interview that she is considered to be very lucky and honour that she is going to be the part and member of the highly educated and highly respectable family. If we talk about the wedding outfits of the bride and groom then top Pakistani Fashion designer known as Hassan Shehryar Yasin designed their wedding outfits.

If we talk about the wedding plan then Reema Khan and her family will go to be stay in the United States of America in the house of Doctor Shahab for few weeks and Doctor Shahab especially bought this house for her. Doctor Shahab did his graduated from the Dow Medical College and then he came to the United States of America for the advance and further graduation for studying the cardiovascular diseases.

Reema Khan Wedding Pictures

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