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We will have all the thrilling review details about Na Kaho Tum Mere Ho episode 16. Recently episode 15 of Na Kaho Tum Meray was on aired on HUM TV channel. Now, all of you will be watching the episode 16 of Na Kaho Tum Meray Nahi sooner. Just check out this piece of writing and get to know the review of the very last episode of Na Kaho Tum Meray Nahi.

Na Kaho Tum Meray Nahi Episode 16 - HUM TV

Na Kaho Tum Meray Nahi

As we all that Mehru and Meerab has been knotted into a relationship but Meerab is some sort of interested in Maya who is also a married women. Now Meerab has left his wife Mehru and now he is all set to get engaged with Maya. On the other side, Maya ex-husband is visiting Mehru house again and again and offering her with the accessories for home use but she is taking as some sort of flirting.

Apart from it, Meerab is still confused that whether he should get engaged with the Maya or not. For such reason he went to his sister but he is not aware that her sister is the greedy women and for that purpose she insisted Meerab that he should get married with Maya now.

But Meerab is some sort of worried for his children and wife after his marriage. Now we have to see that whether Meerab will get married with Maya or not or will he get returned to his previous family yet again. If you want to know that these answers then don’t forget to watch the next episode of Na Kaho Tum Mere Ho.

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