Dil-e-Muzter Drama OST Title Song MP3 Lyrics

Dil-e-Muzter Drama OST Title Song MP3 Lyrics:Do you want to have Dil e Muztar drama Serial on Hum TV? Then here is this webpage that will provide you the title song mp3 lyrics of Dil e Muzter drama.

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Drama Serial Dil-e-Muzter Coming Soon On Hum Tv

For the information of the readers, Dil e Muzter drama is the drama that has just been on air on HUM TV. Shehzad Kashmiri is the director of this drama serial. Aliya Bukhari has written this play and Dil e Muzter drama has been produced by Momina Duraid. The timings are:

Timings: Every Saturday at 8:00 pm PST

Channel: HUM TV

Do you want to know about the cast of this interesting and appealing drama serial? So, please note the cast:

  • Sanam Jhung
  • Imran Abbas
  • Sarwat Gilani
  • Humayun Saeed
  • Saba Hameed
  • Shakeel Ahmed
  • Ismat Zaidi
  • Mohsin Gilani
  • Rabia Noreen
  • Shamim Hilali

This is rather a big cast and this cast will take this drama serial on cloud 9. Note that, Sanam Jhung is a RJ and she has just started her acting career. She is quite and rather a confident actress. Humayun Saeed is also coming back to show his acting skills again. For quite a longer time frame, he has taken a break! Now, you will be able to see Humayun Saeed in Dil e Muzter drama. The title song of the drama and other sorts of promos has been released. Try to grab all the stuff from the web page.

It is the high time to become a regular watcher of Dil e Muzter drama that is showing on HUM TV. So, on every Saturday sharp at 8:00 pm, have some pop corns in your hands and watch this exciting drama serial. Get its title song mp3 lyrics from this webpage.

Dil-e-Muzter Drama OST Title Song MP3 Lyrics

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