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All the students should prepare themselves because The Trust School-Brain of Lahore Competition 2013 has all arrived for the junior level students. Now you might be thinking that what this competition is all about! The Trust School is one of the leading and reputed educational centers in Pakistan and so far this school has arrived with the activity that would flourish up the talents and abilities of the students.

The Trust School Brain of Lahore

The main aim of this competition to the highlight the capability heights of the students and should even appreciate the skills of the teachers as well.


  • This activity has been just intended for driving the whole attention of the students to the book and arise a passion in them to learn more about the educational world and become a book wormer.
  • This competition will be taking place in The Trust School on 19TH Jan, 2013.
  • The students were required to submit their registration application by the end of 18th January, 2013


  • All private and non-private schools of Lahore can take part in this Brain of Lahore competition.
  • Only one student of 10th class either from the English medium or Urdu medium can register for the competition.
  • If there is more than one branch of any school then all the students of each branch can apply.


  • The winner will be awarded with Rs. 15,000 prize cash.
  • The head of the institution will be awarded with Rs. 15,000 cash prize.
  • The head or the teacher of the particular subject will be awarded with RS. 5,000 prizes.
  • The prizes of other additional subjects are Rs. 5000 for English, Rs. 5000 for Mathematics, Rs. 5000 for Urdu, Rs. 5000 for General Science, Rs. 5000 for Islamabad and Rs. 5000 for Social Studies.

For further details you can get in touch with The Trust School through the below mentioned email address, website and contact numbers:


Email Address:

Phone Numbers: 0423-7498304, 0423-7161204

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