Cheap Golf Clubs for Beginners and Its Different Types

Finding cheap golf clubs is possible. People may think golf is an expensive sport but quality clubs and other accessories used don’t necessarily cost much.

Golf is a great hobby. If you are planning on trying it then cheap golf clubs are great to start with. Instead of immediately buying expensive ones, you can save money by buying cheaper alternatives. Before you go shopping for golf clubs, be familiar with the different types. This will help you determine which ones to buy first, especially for a beginner.

Types of golf clubs

Golf ClubsGolf clubs have different types. Each is designed with different loft and a set of numbers that determines how long a ball can travel when hit. Whether you will be buying cheap golf clubs or rent during your first tries, it’s important for you to know its different types and their uses. Here are the different types of clubs.


A wood golf club can launch a golf ball as far as 350 yards. Although these are made of metal with other alloys, it was once made from either persimmon wood or hickory, hence the name.

The wood’s head is relatively big and rounded. The bottom of the club is flat so that the club can glide on the ground as the golfer hits the ball. A typical wood club has a loft of a couple of degrees and a big club face.

A wood comes with numbers which describe its loft and how far it can send the ball. A driver, or a 1-wood, can make the ball fly the farthest. The more higher its number the more lofted it is. This makes it perfect for teeing off or when shooting in the fair lane.


An iron is a golf club with a metal head. It is used to hit the ball is within 200 yards of the green. An iron has a more loft compared to a wood. It is also presented in numbers which describes their loft.

• Numbers 1 to 3 irons, also known as long irons, has the farthest range among the irons.
• Numbers 4 to 6 are called middle irons and they are primarily used within 150-170 yards of the hole.

• Numbers 7 to 9 irons are short irons. They can get the ball soaring higher quicker due to their superior loftiness.


A wedge is used to send the ball flying high before reaching the green. This golf club has a higher loft than others. Here are the different types of wedges:

• A pitching wedge’s loft is between 46 and 51 degrees. It is used to strike the ball as far as 130 yards to the green.

• A lob wedge has a loft that can go up to 64 degrees. It is used when the ball needs to rise quickly in order to clear a hazard.

• A sand wedge is used when the ball falls into the sand traps or gets caught in tall shrubbery.

• A gap wedge on the other hand is able to hit the ball up to 110 yards.


A putter is used to roll the ball towards the hole. Its head has a form of a flat blade or a mallet with a flat surface, and it also comes in different lengths and sizes.

• The standard putter’s length is about 34” to 35”.

• The belly and broomstick type of putters much longer are used when the players wants a better stroke.

Golf is a great and an addicting hobby. It’s not as expensive as other people believe.

However, whether you are just a beginner or aiming to be a pro, you need to have the right set of golf clubs. Know which types and numbers are good to start with. It’s okay if these are cheap golf clubs. What matters is you are able to have the right clubs and other accessories. These can help you learn golf fast and even perform better in the future.

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